WaterCell™ – smart choice three way water filter faucet

WaterCell™ – smart choice three way water filter faucet

When a customer is to buy a water filter or a water ionizer, he or she also has to choose the right faucet for the water filter. The right and attractive faucet has a great influence on the customer’s purchase final decision on a water filter. The choice of three way water filter faucet is usually determined by its functionality and its attractive external appearance.

WaterCell™ three way kitchen filter faucets are constantly growing in popularity due to the attractive price, design and functional solutions.

WaterCell™ three-way faucets allow the use of hot, cold and filtered water without the need to install a separate faucet for the water filter. The WaterCell™ three-way faucet allows you to enjoy clean and tasty water straight from the tap.

The WaterCell™ three-way kitchen faucets are equipped with two independent circuits and two aerators:

  • for hot and cold tap water
  • for purified water (filtered water does not mix with tap water)

The WaterCell™ three-way kitchen faucets fit all models of water filters, including reverse osmosis filters and ORP Redox water ionizers.

WaterCell™ three-way faucets are known for attractive price, proven quality, classic and modern design. WaterCell™ portfolio also includes high-quality stainless steel taps.

Why choose WaterCell™ three-way faucets:

  • competitive price
  • finishing: chrome satin, chrome glaze, in various colors, e.g. black, white, faucets made in stainless steel
  • two independent circuits
  • two aerators
  • single-lever for hot and cold water – you can easily and quickly adjust the temperature and intensity of the water stream to your needs
  • ceramic valve reduces the accumulation of scale deposits and dirt
  • three flexible armored hoses for connecting hot, cold and purified water
  • the ¼” connector for connecting of water filter hose

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