WaterCell XS20 Water Softener

WaterCell XS20 Water Softener

The new fully automatic and compact water softener XS20 from WaterCell ™ is the perfect solution for efficient water softening for single family homeholds and companies (boiler rooms, heating systems, central heating, cooling systems and other technological processes). WaterCell XS20 Softener softens water and thus prolongs the life of heating and household appliances. You can reduce the consumption of detergents and cleaning agents by as much as 60 – 65% and also reduce the cost of heating by up to 20%.

The main task of the softener unit is to eliminate the hardness from water, that is calcium and magnesium ions, which accumulate in household appliances and water. The accumulation of lime depends on the water temperature and brings to failure of household equipment and water systems, and what is also important increases energy consumption. The top-quality components and technical solutions used in the XS20 position the WaterCell devices much higher than standard ion water softeners.


households, apartments, small businesses, household appliances protection, for 3-5 person households.


Softener is used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water as well as residual iron. For long-lasting and trouble-free operation the device is equipped with innovative rotary ceramic discs that resist abrasion and corrosion. This means that the heart of your softener will never corrode allowing you to enjoy soft water. In addition, the ceramic disc technology provides excellent sealing inside the controller, thus ensuring its long lasting and trouble-free operation. Modern software controls the softening process based on the time and volume of treated water.

Installation of softener on the cold water inlet of the building will secure the water installation of the entire building, water taps as well as other appliances like washing machine or dishwasher. Soft water in central heating installation protects the heaters, coils and other boiler’s heating elements and walls of the installation against lime.

Advantages of water softening:

Soft water for bathing

A bath in hard water gives the impression of rough and dry skin, while soft water restores skin elasticity, freshness and natural appearance. The hair washed in soft water is fluffy and shiny while the skin can breathe freely.

Soft water for washing machine and dishwasher

With a water softener, we do not have to worry about a lime problem that can damage our home appliances. We do not need to spend our money on expensive Calgon type products any more, not mentioning the savings we earn on special washing powders and washing liquids.

Water softener for your water boiler

Water heating at home is very common with gas boilers or solid fuels boilers, sometimes with the help of ecological solar collectors or heat pumps. Hard water used for central heating and DHW during the heating process precipitates the hardness ions (lime) and they settle on the walls of the installation pipes. Just look inside in the kettle to understand better what happens with boiler’s heat exchangers working in hard water. Soft water improves the efficiency of equipment and the reliability of components that stay in contact with water.

Water softener for your bathroom – shower, bath, bathroom taps

I do not need anyone to explain what a chromed tap looks like after a few days of using in hard water or a cabin glass in your shower. With the WaterCell XS20 water softener, the surfaces in our bathroom become easier to clean and will stay clean longer. Water softener removes the problem of lime in bathtubs, wash basins and taps.

Soft water in your kitchen

Soft water in your kitchen equals a clean kettle and coffee maker without lime. Glasses remain stainless after washing. Additionally, dishes and soft drinks prepared with soft water have even more aromatic flavor.

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Control valve and software:

  • Control valve equipped with rotating ceramic discs
  • Modern software controls the softening process based on the time and volume of treated water
  • Immediate or delayed regeneration (usually during nighttime for your convenience)
  • Child keylock (automatic keylock)
  • By-pass with mixer – makes it easier to disconnect the control valve without the need to turn off the water in the whole installation – there is nothing more useful during service of the unit
  • The kit includes control valve and connecting fittings
  • Automatic control valve with manual cycle change functionsy
  • Colourful LCD display

Specifications of XS20 WaterCell ™ water softener

Softener model:WaterCell™ XS 20 compact model
Application:designed for 3 – 5 people
Control valve:time+volume control
Bed volume:20l
Operating water temperature:from +2° C to +38° C
Operating pressure:from 1.8 to 6.0 bar
Power supply:220-240V/50-60Hz
Operating voltage:12V 1000mA
Power Consumption:5 W
Peak capacity:1,2 m3/h (1200 l/h)
Average salt consumption:3,5 kg per regeneration
Bypass with mixer:yes
 Dimensions:230/440/1100 mm

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